A great big adventure

I fantasise about getting to know you, everyday —

Your skin glistens as I seek to discover the unbound pleasures of you,

Of the thought of you

Tremors course through your body as I make my way to the pot of gold,

Shimmery and dazzling

Rivulets appear in places where one would want to find them,

Gleaming in all their glory.


I find my way through the lush meadows, lusher than ever,

Heading over uncharted terrain, marking my territory

With romance, and with poetry;

Neverfound lands, newfound sensations

Sensations of adventure, and sensations of transcendence,

Taking in everything, taking in you.


I drink from the abundant wells, I lap it up all up

I swoon, I coddle

I give all I can give, and some more

For I’m a seeker, and I seek to know you

I’m a lover, and I yearn to love you

And I dream about making endless passion with you.


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