The Artist and The Muse

The artist seeks,

The muse reciprocates.

The artist is on a wayward journey,

Of fascination, and of fantasy,

The muse simply has to be.

Something that stirs, the artist seeks,

The lying mass underneath

And the muse, simply by means of being,

Bestows upon the artist,

That quality, that framework,

That welcome respite,

That the artist seeks.

And thus, by doing none other than being,

The muse reciprocates.


A great big adventure

I fantasise about getting to know you, everyday —

Your skin glistens as I seek to discover the unbound pleasures of you,

Of the thought of you

Tremors course through your body as I make my way to the pot of gold,

Shimmery and dazzling

Rivulets appear in places where one would want to find them,

Gleaming in all their glory.


I find my way through the lush meadows, lusher than ever,

Heading over uncharted terrain, marking my territory

With romance, and with poetry;

Neverfound lands, newfound sensations

Sensations of adventure, and sensations of transcendence,

Taking in everything, taking in you.


I drink from the abundant wells, I lap it up all up

I swoon, I coddle

I give all I can give, and some more

For I’m a seeker, and I seek to know you

I’m a lover, and I yearn to love you

And I dream about making endless passion with you.