Not just text

Where else would you be,

Where else would you stay

If not for right here, right now…

That’s the power of subtext; of context

Of bittersweet memories

Of tendersweet emotion

That’s where the people reside

That’s where the bodies collide

That’s where it gets real

That’s where it aches, that’s where it glows

That’s where it all comes together;

For you and for everyone else to see.

That’s where it ties into a singular unanimous

That’s where the gaps are filled and the heart is secure

That’s where it feels like a taste of the familiar

A ride on a home road

That’s where it all comes together

That’s when the magic of context happens.


As the masses prepare

The New World awaits,

With new smells and new sights.

A world borne of passion and desire

Bearing newfound fruits –

Fruits of labour and fruits of patience,

Of newfound gratitude,

And toil and bells

Of human perseverance.

Let’s seek to discover this New World

When it presents itself

In all its facets and devices,

In its burning glory,

In everglowing desire;

let’s seek to discover the New World

With cleansed auras.

Food + You

Food on my mind, I eat you

You on my mind, I salivate

Food plus you, the aroma calls

Calls becoming pulls

Pulls becoming you

You on my mind, food on my palette

Healing aromatherapy

You bring out the best—

Aroma transitions to touch

Touch transitions to feel

A feeling so real hits me,

Like chilli hits the tongue,

Like chocolate hits the soul

And frozen in my mind, my senses yearn and indulge

In you

In beautiful food.


Off goes that mask,

Off goes the tirade,

The rage, the raging rage,

Transitioning –

Off goes the weight,

Of having to live up,

Off goes the attire,

Attire made to make flesh & bones fit,

Even if they don’t,

Fit to a certain cut,

Cut to a certain bent.


And each time you hang up,

my heart,

it breaks just a little bit;

as your calloused, hardened finger –

hardened by work, and hardened by play,

by the way it grips the paintbrush, by the way it guides the ball coming at it with agility and poise –

meets the red on the screen,


that deserves my touch, my tender play,

with my hands, that guide it places,

with my fingers;

and you might not be able to help it –

what you had set out to do;

so can’t I.