To each, their own, and thoughts circling it

You’ve got your dreams and your zeals,

Your adorations and infatuations,

And things you’ve got to do,

Just for their sake;

But is that all you crave,

Is that all you want –

Do you not put your heart out on the line,

And perhaps enjoy a little bit of mellow,

A little bit of tenderness,

In the form of a human

Do you not crave a shared joy,

Or perhaps a fulfilling contentment,

In the arms of a lover

Do you not, for once, look in front of you,

And think about the possibilities,

Of what could be –

Or is it just the things you’ve got to do,

Just for their own sake.


Dreams of reality

As I type this, I am aware of my breathing. I am aware of the sensation of my fingers on the keypad, of the aftertaste of bitter coffee inside my mouth. I am aware of the shade that a friend threw at me and how that made me feel. I am aware of my anxiety for my date tomorrow. I am aware that these things are not me, and that my thoughts and feelings are not me.

I’ve consciously made it a point to not let these get to me ,  to the core of my being. I’ve learnt to differentiate my thoughts and feelings from myself. I’ve learnt that it is an imagined reality, after all.