As he swallowed the last bit of pie, he was transported to a whole new world—a world devoid of judgement, a world full of possibilities. He marvelled at what was on offer. He could not bring himself to believe it. And yet, all he had to do was believe.

To each, their own, and thoughts circling it

You’ve got your dreams and your zeals,

Your adorations and infatuations,

And things you’ve got to do,

Just for their sake;

But is that all you crave,

Is that all you want –

Do you not put your heart out on the line,

And perhaps enjoy a little bit of mellow,

A little bit of tenderness,

In the form of a human

Do you not crave a shared joy,

Or perhaps a fulfilling contentment,

In the arms of a lover

Do you not, for once, look in front of you,

And think about the possibilities,

Of what could be –

Or is it just the things you’ve got to do,

Just for their own sake.

Dreams of reality

As I type this, I am aware of my breathing. I am aware of the sensation of my fingers on the keypad, of the aftertaste of bitter coffee inside my mouth. I am aware of the shade that a friend threw at me and how that made me feel. I am aware of my anxiety for my date tomorrow. I am aware that these things are not me, and that my thoughts and feelings are not me.

I’ve consciously made it a point to not let these get to me ,  to the core of my being. I’ve learnt to differentiate my thoughts and feelings from myself. I’ve learnt that it is an imagined reality, after all.