Some cold brew and some Kafka

Like a koala and a panda

They make for intelligent pastime

But also for some non-sensical delight.


As the masses prepare

The New World awaits,

With new smells and new sights.

A world borne of passion and desire

Bearing newfound fruits –

Fruits of labour and fruits of patience,

Of newfound gratitude,

And toil and bells

Of human perseverance.

Let’s seek to discover this New World

When it presents itself

In all its facets and devices,

In its burning glory,

In everglowing desire;

let’s seek to discover the New World

With cleansed auras.

Food + You

Food on my mind, I eat you

You on my mind, I salivate

Food plus you, the aroma calls

Calls becoming pulls

Pulls becoming you

You on my mind, food on my palette

Healing aromatherapy

You bring out the best—

Aroma transitions to touch

Touch transitions to feel

A feeling so real hits me,

Like chilli hits the tongue,

Like chocolate hits the soul

And frozen in my mind, my senses yearn and indulge

In you

In beautiful food.


A happy glow emanates

Through the glass beneath the window

A lot o’ light goes in and goes out


The carpet on the floor

Paints a multicoloured hue

The room, fresh from the painted music

Basks in the afterglow.


A sweet scent of the ocean –

brought in, vapourized.

the randomness of the items compliments

the cheeriness of the quirks.


A fanciful mish-mash

Of memories collected,

Bidding goodbye has never been easy.


But the spirit, it yearns –

And my heart gives in

To all the multicoloured hues.