The Anti-Relationship


(n.) – A relationship where two people are together, but is not acknowledged explicitly


More and more people today are engaging in the anti-relationship. Staying clear of mundane relationship tropes, these non-couples, harbouring intense feelings for one another, are quite level-headed about their priorities, and are in no rush to be ‘together’. Seeing the world for what it is, these individualistically-oriented people show strength and resilience, even more so, when it comes to matters of the heart.


Devices – I

Left to your own devices,

What is it that you would do,

What is that you would explore,

In the deepest crevices of your mind,

In the entryway to your psyche,

In the rambling mish-mash of your beautiful, twisted thoughts.


What is it that you would set alight, if you could,

What is it that you would look at, with wonder, and with delirious fancy,

What is that you would give wings to, in the burning territories of your feudal lands,

What is it, in the dark, wonderful, seething corners of your mind,

Would you, dare if you could, make sweet, sweet love to.