You and I

The flawless night sky,

Stretching into the horizon

The cool breeze,

Carrying with it stories untold

90’s Rahman playing in the background,

Setting the perfect mood

Half-finished glasses of Johnnie Walker, a beautiful gold,

Glistening in the moonlight

Perched at a safe elevation, two silhouettes,

Legs dangling in the air

An easy bonding, breezy conversations,

Countless tales unfold

A tear or two, the pain that wasn’t deserved,

Excruciating at times, bearable at others,

Empathy rejoiced

A reassuring smile broke through, another grateful one followed,

Chests were cleared,

One shoulder, two heads.

Moments re-enacted, feelings revisited

Passions talked about, musings mused

Warmth prevailed

The night wore on, our youths shone bright

Our never-ending dreams, our unrelenting souls

It was just us,

Only you,

And I.






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