There’s this other girl…

I’m feeling warm. I’m not stressed out or anxious. I feel good. I’m feeling new feelings surface for this girl. Devoid of any sexual or romantic underpinnings. I just feel warm when I think of her. There’s something really nice about her – her thoughts, her words, her actions. Her. She has this incredibly warm outlook of the world. And I find that really inspiring. I’m sensing a good chemistry and I think that she thinks I’m not half-bad. I hope things run their natural course and she starts liking me the same way I like her. I feel like I’m caught up in her spell, reminding me to love life. She’s not the prettiest girl around, but this is not about looks. It’s about her. The beauty inside her. I hope she feels comfortable with me soon. I desperately hope all this is not just a haze and that it means something. I’m writing this after midnight on Internals day. But I’m feeling good. So why not? I also hope no misleading feelings of love or lust spoil this. I just want to be in her presence, be able to be myself, just be. And I hope she’d come to feel the same way. I don’t want to disturb her or intrude her privacy. I don’t want to care about her friends. I just want to be her friend. Just two human beings. I want to show her around Pondy – show her where I grew up in, sit next to her by the rocks on the beach, holding her hand. And wondering. Wondering about all the beauty that life holds.


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