So there’s this girl…

Caught between my own delusions and the thick veil of awkwardness that had come between us, what do I do? Do I just let you go? Or do I pursue my heart, to find out whether you are, in fact, what I’d imagined you to be?

Is it me? Is it someone less damaged you deserve? Someone a bit more balanced, perhaps? Someone with better looks? Surely, not ONLY that. You definitely seem way more than that. Do I have my head in the clouds? Am I caught up in a dream? You’ve held my fantasy from the word go. No, not just your charming looks. It goes more than that. A lot more than that. You’re not just pretty. You’re phenomenal. The company you choose to surround yourself with though, still boggles me. Surely, you’re way more sophisticated. I would love to have the opportunity to discover whether my fantasies would indeed be proven true. Would you welcome me with open arms, if at all, after all that’s happened?

Sure, this could be dismissed as the typical college crush. But it’s not often that you see the person you thought existed only in your dreams, in real life. Maybe our lifestyles wouldn’t match. Maybe we wouldn’t see eye to eye on everything. Maybe we would drive each other crazy. But I would just like to find all that out. I’d tried convincing myself you weren’t the right one, and had almost succeeded. But now, as I realize my days spent with you are drawing to an end, I would sure love to know that for a fact. Yeah, I’m not desperate for you. Life’s not gonna end without you. But, I sure as hell don’t wanna end up on one of those days, dwelling upon what could’ve been, as I listen to this


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