It just seemed like now that I arrived here, a naive me taking in the sights. I remember attending my very first class – I had to choose which row to take – and I gladly chose the last. It only seems like now that all those evenings at the hostel flew by, one not too different from the other. I had a lot of time to myself – I wanted this, and I got it. Maybe a little too much. I had trouble fitting in – but I have a much clearer head now, or so I think. I’m suddenly taken aback by not getting to be in sweet ignorance anymore. Clichéd as it goes, I really needed this time on my own. More opinions, a better sense of belonging, and though I detest the engineering programme to date, college has been a melancholic, hormone-driven, bittersweet experience. I think I am done reminiscing now, and I’m out to live the hell out of the remaining few weeks here. For what they’ve been, the memories stand, but this can’t just be it. To more friggin’ experiences.


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