I want to…

I want to know how you’d touch me,

I want to know you’d feel me,

I want to know how your breath would feel on my face, when you’re caught between two worlds, waiting to make a move, almost done fighting the urge

I want to know how your hands would feel me, as you’d brush your lips against mine, a fiery tension and a Godly gratification embracing each other

I want to feel the life surging through your veins, as you’d take me with your all-indulging desire

I want to feel your flesh tingling, as my hands make their way through you, igniting centres, previously unfathomable

I want to feel your ever-slight tremble, as I let myself touch you, the mere grazing of skin enough to make breathing just not so easy

I want to hear your fading moan echo in my ears, as we let ourselves into uncharted terrains, all the suppressed unquiet unfurling

I want to know if you want me the way I want you.


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