Dog days are over

As loneliness starts creeping in, I’m starting to doubt my own being and the very fabric of human interaction. How does the whole system of friendships and relationships work when you’re supposed to be on your own and have an iron will and mental strength. Why don’t the people I like reciprocate my feelings? Am I naturally unlikeable? And what if they do? What difference does it make really? I mean, why am I not just able to find the will to go on within myself? Why do I need other people for that? Is it just a feigned interest to get caught up in other people’s lives, as an excuse to take a break from one’s own? Or is it the sorry good feeling I get when I project myself and my dreams a hundred times more exciting as they really are? Is it some form of acceptance I crave, from any person really? What else? What is it then? I wouldn’t mind getting back on the dating horse right now. Life’s real lonely.


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