Punk tiger weds vulture chick

Once there was a tiger – a ferocious beast, an outlaw, the don of dons, who lived in a jungle not very far away. He was responsible for all the mayhem and mishap caused in the jungle. One time, when the tiger was out on another of its wrongdoings, it caught its sight on one of the most beautiful creatures it had ever seen, at least to it – a mighty vulture, which was mercilessly devouring a bird. Spellbound by its magnificence, the punk tiger immediately asked for the vulture’s hand, nay, claw, in marriage. “Oh dear vulture, how is it that you manage to be the perfect combination of cute and sexy? I’m truly swept off. Please do accept my proposal for marriage.” The vulture, dreaming about all the power it could have once in wedlock with the punk tiger, blushed and immediately said yes. The wedding was a gala event. No one dared to ridicule this marriage of sorts. After all, the tiger wasn’t called punk, for nothing. And thus, the punk tiger and the vulture chick happily started their wondrous journey together.

Here’s a photo out of their wedding album:

A peck on the cheek, literally?

A peck on the cheek, literally?

Ah, the ways I put my imagination to use. Hello and howdy to whoever is reading this now. Your interest in reading whatever I’m about to say is truly appreciated. Treat yourself to a cookie, go on. Okay, to those of you wondering what the title is about, it’s just one of the many acronyms I used, to remember stuff for exams. What is it doing here, you ask? Well, tell me it didn’t stir your curiosity even a wee bit :P. So yeah, just for the heck of that, and also, that thing’s been stuck on my mind(I personally felt rather proud I was able to come up with that in one go :D). So might as well make a story out of it. Okay, okay now, maybe a little too much right at the start? Oh what the hell, I can write about whatever I want to. To those of you who don’t know me, I am a …*yaawwnn*. Ah, dang it, I do not wish to put myself through pointless deep thinking.

Why not just assume you’d get to know me from whatever words of (un)wisdom I post here and we’re cool? Right. So some of you might be thinking, ‘What is this guy going to yap about anyway?’.

Well, the answer to that, my friends, is still unclear to me. You might get a slight insight into that from how this post has been (brilliantly) conceived by yours truly. But then again, I just might catch you off guard and surprise the bonkers out of you (not excluding myself). So hang on to your hinges, people. You have been warned..

To the inevitable ‘Why this blog?’ now.

Eh, let’s just start off with my longing to be a tiny part of the massive revolution that is the Internet; voicing my say amongst the million others.  I bet the haters be like:


Next, selfishly hoping I would actually do something with my life just for the sake of posting stuff on this blog(I know, ‘wow!’, right?)

Aww, stop it, you.

And finally, you know, leave a memoir for people to know how I used to be like, when I become famous.

Like Zach over here. I mean, who would’ve known, right?

So that’s it, folks. Until we meet next, adios and au revoir. May the odds be ever in your favour. 🙂


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